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Hi, I'm Alex Jota. There were three circumstances that defined my interest in photography: an analog reflex camera from my grandfather that broke before I could enjoy it, a photography magazine that my father bought me and the National Geographic magazines that my uncle collected from a neighbor of his. But despite this latent interest, photography and I have had a somewhat unstable relationship.

After several years photographing as a hobby, I decided to give it a professional chance when I traveled to Scotland for the first time in 2014 to decide to do the opposite in 2021 after the pandemic and a brutal creative block that made me sell all my material.

In 2022 I decided to travel around Scotland for a while without a camera and without expectations. I would dedicate myself to another sector that did not fully satisfy me and in the meantime, I would photograph with my cell phone generating, without knowing it, a project that I would call 'Through a small lens'. This found an answer to my answers: I needed patience and to enjoy the process. For six months I captured dozens of photos with my phone that became a visual diary that I thoroughly enjoyed. All this led me to one day decide to quit my previous job and concentrate on photography. 

I currently live in 'la terreta' (Valencia) but from time to time I move to different places to get to know and capture its idiosyncrasy.