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In 2021 after the pandemic, a long creative drought and a strong imposter syndrome, I decided to quit photography and sell all my material. After that, I switched to an industry that demanded more computer time and gave me the feeling that I could work remotely and travel more. Nothing could be further from the truth.

After several months of making a living as a 3D animator, I realized that so many hours sitting in front of a computer screen while traveling was draining me and taking away the opportunity to meet people, experiences and spending more time between four walls than my body and mind could accept. I started going out with my new cell phone and started documenting my surroundings and people as a visual diary, and without realizing it photography came back into my life.

That's when I learned a lesson: if it's worth it, it's a long road in which patience and mental calm play a very important role.

With this idea in mind I continued my path photographing and enjoying through a small lens, until one day after finishing a project of a couple of weeks I decided that it would be the last and I would return to resume my passion for photography but with a rule: little by little.

On my return to Valencia I edited a book with the best photos of my trip under the first name that came to my mind 'the return' and then I changed it to 'Through a small lens'. Seeing the photographs in print encouraged me to continue and to treat this art as a form of meditation and relaxation. As well as understanding that to create you just have to act.